Chrisette Michele-Epiphany

Let me preface this post by saying that yes,this is a review. Also, let me also state that I adored Chrisette's last album, I Am, which garnered her a Grammy. But oh my, I did not enjoy her latest release Epiphany.
What can I say, something about the overall sound was a bit too...processed.I can listen to the entire album in the background without paying attention to it at all. For some listeners this is a good trait but for me, that just means there is nothing exciting about the music to grab me. Don't get me wrong, Chrisette's instrument is outstanding, the woman has a beautiful voice. Perhaps my ear has been leaning on the side of eclectic lately and I am turned off by traditional syrupy r&b. There was something about her first album that seemed organic; the music was genuine and wasn't run down by formulaic tunes.Because it is Chrisette,and I adore her, I can't completely hate the album because it includes her voice, but man, I was expecting more.I just want gritty material to match her voice. She doesn't seem like the traditional soul type, and the first album reflected that. This album seems like more of a compromise than a creation that was truly the artist's vision. I suppose it happens to every artist, oh well. grade:B-

Song by song review:

-This song is Chrisette's first single. Dealing with the familiar theme of ending a relationship.Even though the hook is catchy and the "pop-like" track has a bit of a groove...it is a far cry from the greatness of her first single. It does nothing to show off the uniqueness of her voice(which of course to a fellow vocalist is of the utmost importance). So because the song is not skip-worthy, I consider it a bit better than some of the other songs.

-I just don't care about this song.It bores me for some reason, I just can't put my finger on it. Something about the traditional swing of it will undoubtedly inspire plenty of girls with crushes on their classmates to sing along with hairbrushes...but I'm an adult. Considering the fact that Chrisette and I are the same age,this writing is way too immature. I expected this song to come from a 15 year old new artist with no original ideas.Next please.

What You Do-3/5
-Neyo is featured in this song,whatever. It's not like I care about Neyo. Moving on,another radio-friendly song,about the old adage "actions speak louder than words".Oh yeah did I mention Neyo is there? Next.

Blame It On Me-4/5
-The girl can sing, and this song showcases her vocal ability. Hallelujah!Of course, this is one of the songs co-written by Chrisette herself( She only co-writes on 3 songs...unbelievable,and unfortunate.).This song is about blaming the dissolution of a relationship on one's self.

All I Ever Think About-3.5/5
-Another regular ballad that focuses on Chrisette's voice, it's a good idea that's decently executed.

Playing Our Song-3/5
-More of an uptempo/midtempo song(I suppose to give some variation from all of the ballads). This sounds like something I've heard before.This sounds like something I've heard a 100 times before actually.Next.

Another One-2.5/5
-I started paying attention to this midtempo song, but quickly lost interest.The song ended and I didn't notice. Not good.

On My Own-3/5
-Midtempo/Semi-Ballad. Gets another half a star simply because the vocal performance is quite beautiful and delicate.Moving on...

Porcelain Doll-2.5/5
-All of these songs passed and I didn't notice them.They didn't suck,but they weren't great either.

I'm Okay-3.5/5
-Nice showcase of Chrisette's vocals.End of story. I will say that it is quite fitting for an album closer.

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