So... I decided to start off my music blogging with my top ten tracks of the week. These tracks have been banging in my ears constantly Every. Single. Day. I’ll include links to each artist’s myspace pages… SO HERE GOES...in no particular order...

1. Kenna-Static
-What can I say about Kenna’s new (I use that word loosely the album was released last year...) album? I adore it. Do I adore it more than the first? That I’m not sure about. It’s an entirely new place in his musical journey and I can’t say I prefer this version of his artistry more than the other, they are just two separate musical experiences that I enjoy.The people that know me well know that I am not into defining and artist and breaking them down into small categories. My non-operatic work I always felt was genre-less and I will never apologize for that...I believe that is why I adore Kenna so much, you just can’t pin him down into one genre or another.This song(which actually has static in the background ironically...and purposefully)really captured me on first listen due to it’s bare and simplistic feeling. Even though some would not be inspired by a shockingly simple chord progression and limit melodic line, it is just this simplicity which makes it unique,there aren’t a great deal of bells and whistles(even though I love bells AND whistles),just a expression of emotion that I believe we have all felt at one time or another.

2. Róisín Murphy- Checkin’ On Me
-I am such a fan of Róisín’s voice...which is a very rare thing for me to utter...trust me. It reminds me of someone else’s but I can’t put my finger. I enjoyed her first solo album, but Overpowered, is on constant replay this week...yessir. Unlike my previous selection I enjoy this song because of it’s many layers, even though there is a nice groove (and "you can dance to it"...tee hee) there is always something to discover that is brand new on each listen and that my friends is what makes this song brilliant for us music nerds in the world...I like to be moved by music...but I also like to be surprised.

3. Nicolay and Kay-Through The Wind
-Woo!!!Man do I love Nicolay…I was obsessed with the foreign exchange album FOREVER. This song is so fantastically old school! It literally makes me smile and rock from side to side…which lie never happens. And thus it deserves an insane amount of love and praise. You should listen…


4. Danity Kane-Lights Out

-Okay I’m sure I’ve lost my credibility with some for including Danity Kane. But doggonit(excuse me I’m Texan). Sometimes I just want to get to get down with the get down. And this makes me get down. Case closed, sealed and will not be reopened.


5. Janet Jackson-Rock With U

-Because I love the sheer wonderful entertainer that is Janet Jackson…and because this song is so gay club with strobe light shaking that bootay…I wish I could vogue…I would be serving like that Ninja family!So last week it was LUV and I still adore that song but this week it’s time to Rock. Get it!


6. Mark Ronson feat. SantoGold-Pretty Green/SantoGold-LES Artistes(a tie it is)
-So okay..I admit when I read the title of that track on the album I was like..."The Jam?You’re going to cover The Jam?" Plus at first I also admit I was anti-SantoGold simply because I feel like she was getting the attention that my girl Res deserved a million years ago for a similar sound...that was until I realized that she was the person that produced "How I Do" in the first place and therefore became my new obsession...go SantoGold!So instead of Mark Ronson’s page I’m giving you Santi’s...yes.


7. Amanda Blank and XXXChange-Get It Now

-Every now and then (and because my mommy is a Prince obsessed chica) I like to hear songs that are just a tad bit…umm…salacious. This song is down right filthy…but I can’t help it…I think it’s magnificent. Amanda Blank is yet and still another buddy of M.I.A.’s and we know how much I love Miss Maya. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine…yes madam.


8. Emily King-U and I

- (I heard it on the RADIO the other day!!!Go Her!!!) So…I have been bumping this song since my friend (and brilliant musician Steven…go check out his music page down there in my friends) introduced me to her during New Year’s Eve. Oh gosh I just love her jazz fueled voice coupled with this sort of alternative, soul,and pop sound. So wonderful…give her a click! This song is so sweet and describes the love at first sight feeling we all wish to experience.


9. Jill Scott-Insomnia

-Hello…it’s Jill…do I have to say anything else?


10. Kenna (yes, again!)-Sun Red,Sky Blue

-You know those songs you rock out to in the car and sing loudly like you’re losing your mind? This would be one of them.