New Little Dragon Video

Video for my fave song off the new album Machine Dreams.."Swimming"
Made by Yukimi's father Yusuke!



Through my own fortitude and luck I have been able to preview the new Little Dragon album. I.AM.GEEKED.OUT. I will say that the album is dope but I didn't expect any less from my favorite band of the last year. I've never bumped anything so hard in my car in my life.I will definitely write an in depth review of the album after the album is released August 17th. Purchase it please! Support genuine artistry,the full download will not be posted on this blog(I am a fellow musician...I just don't do that, sorry.). But to wet your appetite...here are some preview tracks I haven't seen on any blogs.



I am sad that the song "Tendencies" is not included on the album...oh well.


Possibly the best Follow The Path I've found thus far...

I'm sure some people wonder why I do the whole "Composers musicians should listen to" series well this my friends is why...