I've literally been trying to find this song for 3 years

They played this song at an old job of mine,and I've been looking for it for years. Searching lyrics for 3 years and finally came across it tonight!Crazy!


Oh Pretty Baby...

Remember when I did a post on The Four Seasons?Listen to this version of
"Can't Take My Eye's Off You" . It's cute.


Artist of the Week:Jessica Cornish

This chick right here man...woah!Heard she's been signed to Universal-Republic(USA)and Island(UK) and is working with Justin Timberlake,sending up a prayer that her stuff doesn't get pushed back and the world gets to hear her.I feel it...girl is going places.

There will never be another. RIP



Video Premiere- Kenna,Lupe Fiasco and Mike Shinoda -"Resurrection"

Please view the donate widget on this blog to hear more songs on this Haitian relief album. Here is the new video for the song "Resurrection" , featuring Lupe Fiasco,Mike Shinoda,and Kenna. Enjoy!


Gorillaz plus Little Dragon=AWESOME

"Empire Ants"

They are also featured on the track "To Binge"

From the Gorillaz new album-Plastic Beach
These songs feature Little Dragon on instruments and of course the vocals of our favorite girl, Yukimi Nagano! Thank you to Bama Loves Soul for posting "Empire Ants"!


Classical Composers other Musicians Should Listen To: Charles Ives

Remarkable composer Charles Ives spent the majority of his career not known as a prolific composer, but as an insurance salesman. Doesn't that sound familiar of most of the prolific musicians you know today? Holding down a day job while secretly pounding away at their passion at night?

Charles Edward Ives (October 20, 1874 – May 19, 1954) was an American modernist composer. He is widely regarded as one of the first American composers of international significance.Ives' music was largely ignored during his life, and many of his works went unperformed for many years. Over time, Ives came to be regarded as an "American Original".Ives combined the American popular and church-music traditions of his youth with European art music, and was among the first composers to engage in a systematic program of experimental music, with musical techniques including polytonality, polyrhythm, tone clusters, aleatoric elements, and quarter tones,thus foreshadowing virtually every major musical innovation of the 20th century.(via Wiki)

Yes you read that right, the man who sold insurance did all of the stuff other people would become famous for BEFORE they did it. Ives was the man! I love him.

First up, so you can hear the difference, here is the Copland version of the hymn"At the River" followed by Ives' version. Hear the artistic difference? I love both. I sang the Ives version two years ago.

People like to call this the "cowboy song". The very popular Charlie Rutlage. I like that this poster included the sheet music. Look how difficult it is!

Most Ives art songs are quite short..some only being about 30 seconds..this one is significantly longer.

Most of Ives' art songs were published in one collection called 114 Songs. There are so many wonderful ones that I couldn't find decent recordings of(oh I found some recordings... but they were horrendous and you wouldn't hear the beauty of the music!)

Some of my fave Ives songs:
The Children's Hour
Tom Sails Away
The Cage
Songs My Mother Taught Me(this and the version by Dvorak are AMAZING)
If you can find a great recording of these let me know!Of course it goes without saying that many people don't sing these because they are extremely difficult. But for some reason Ives was always a breeze for me. We fit together well I suppose. Some of these songs are challenging to the ear of a novice listener, you really have to listen deeply to the music. It is hard to describe, you have to be able to listen beyond the dissonance.Sort of how your teacher always told you to read between the lines.

Of course Ives wrote more than songs:

Some modern interpretation of Ives' songs:

This is why I do this series. Be influenced, be influential. I want you to see,hear,feel,taste music the way I do. And maybe in that you will produce amazing music for others. Or at least be able to communicate how music makes you feel.


So excited, been looking for this for years!

I've been looking for this since I heard a dance team use it YEARS ago..it never occurred that it was just a cover of Bjork's Cover Me!I'm such a dork sometimes!


Download to Donate for Haiti!

In partnership with the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Dave Matthews Band's BAMA Works Haitian relief effort, Music for Relief is working to provide immediate aid with food, water, and emergency medical supplies, and long-term sustainable housing solutions for the people affected by this catastrophic natural disaster.

Please go to Music for Relief! Help the earthquake victims in Haiti! Thanks!



Roisin Murphy feat. Tony Christie-Scarlett Ribbons

This is my favorite song on Roisin's 2007 album Overpowered. Sheis coming out with a new album this year!!Yay! Sade,Erykah,Roisin...this year is going to be great for music!


Old School Hip Hop Sunday- Eric B. and Rakim-Don't Sweat the Technique

Follow the Path:

I will add an mp3 of the third track sampled later.


Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"

This song makes me want to dance around like an idiot...