Whatever happened to:Remy Shand?

Anyone remember him? He peaked too early I guess...

Albums You Should Hear Before You Die-Corneille-Les Marchands de Rêves(2005)

Pardonnez-moi... mon français est rouillé. Je suis un grand fan de culture francophone. Et quelquefois, j'écoute de musique française. J'adore Corneille, un chanteur canadien. Son album, "Les Marchands des Rêves" est très superbe.

Les Marchands de Rêves


The best Four Seasons Cover...

So I was watching HBO...

And their summer promotional commercials feature the song by Madcon called Beggin which is a cover of the The Four Seasons song of the same name.I am a great supporter of sampling for this main reason:it inspires entire generations of music lovers to explore beyond their familiarity of artists and explore something new. That's what this blog is all about you know. I love The Four Seasons! So here is some "Jersey Boy" magic for ya.
Madcon's cover


I want to sound like her when I grow up

Justice - Genesis

DeVotchka - New World

Band of the Week June 14-19,2009

This week's band of the week is Universal Hall Pass.Universal Hall Pass is a one-person band based out of Los Angeles, California which was first formed in 2004 by Melissa Kaplan, formerly of Splashdown(via Wiki).check her out here.

Happy Birthday Igor!

I'm a big nerd...it's Stravinsky's B-day...


Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears-Band of the Week- June 7-12,2009

This week's band of the week is Texas(woot!)-made band Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Originally from Austin they rocked SXSW this year(sucks I couldn't go). Sounds sort of like young James Brown funk with the rawness of a garage band. Take a listen and check them out here.

Pick Fros Not Fights!

Pick Fros Not Fights!
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Gosh I wish I was this Badass!via Pick Fros Not Fights Flickr


Former Bands of the Week

From me old Myspace blog:
Owusu & Hannibal
Little Dragon

Yes I sucked at updating blogs last year as well.

Band of the Week-June 1-6,2009

This week's Band of the Week is Francis and The Lights.Francis and the Lights is a band from New York City, led by Francis Farewell Starlite. The band was formed at Wesleyan University and their first show was a performance of the posthumous Otis Redding record “The Immortal Otis Redding” in its entirety. The current live incarnation of the band includes two drummers playing in conjunction with sequenced percussion(via Wiki).
Check them out here and here.


Classical/World Music any real musician should listen to-June 2009

This month's composer is William Grant Still.I adore his music. Listen hard,listen well.William Grant Still (May 11,1895 - December 3,1978) was an African-American classical composer who wrote more than 150 compositions. He was the first African-American to conduct a major American symphony orchestra, the first to have a symphony of his own (his first symphony) performed by a leading orchestra, the first to have an opera performed by a major opera company, and the first to have an opera performed on national television. He is often referred to as "the dean" of African-American composers.Read more about his amazing career here.
Most famous composition:Afro-American Symphony

My fave Still Song: I was going to sing the vocal version at my recital: