Classical/World/MT Musician any real musician should listen to-Kurt Weill

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to pick one composer per month! I might pick two or pick one every week from now on...I'm not sure yet. There is so much music to be listened to!This week's music nerd's showcase(:))is a spotlight on Kurt Weill. Weill was a 20th century composer of many works, most prominently,stage works.Some of your favorite songs were probably influenced by him. Including The Doors' "Alabama Song" which was originally in the Songspiel Mahagonny and subsequent opera "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny." Also, note:Weill plus Brecht equals amazing songs. Read more about Kurt Weill here.

My favorite Weill song...I need to find Sarah Vaughan's version and post it...it is perfect, but this one is pretty good.

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