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I guess I'll post a blog. I've had quite a few things to blog about since the last time I blogged but I really haven't been in the mood. Since one of my "life icons" passed away recently...I thought I would do a post on the women that made me want to be an entertainer for one reason or another...in no particular order.Note...this is not a post of my top vocalists of all time..these are the artists that influenced ME. So as much as I love Whitney,Mariah,Christina Aguilera...etc...they really didn't influence me creatively.Got it?

1.Eartha Kitt(well duh).
I remember seeing the scene in St. Louis Blues with her singing "Chantez Les Bas" as a small child and my world turning upside down. I used to dress up in a leotard and reenact this scene over and over as a kid...she was just that fabulous(R.I.P.) I would have posted a link to the scene but stupid Youtube took it down...ARGGHH! Youtube sucks now. She along with another person on my list inspired me took learn as much French as I could...and yes I can purr like her. This performance is pretty awesome though!

From St.Louis Blues(One of my fave movies of ALL TIME...BOW DOWN):

2.Josephine Baker
I actually saw the HBO movie with Lynn Whitfield playing Josephine and thought...that lady was real?!?!OMG!!So I totally found out as much as I could about her....I love my lady Josephine.

3.Barbra Streisand
I know some of you are probably like ...WTF?!? But whatever..'Funny Girl' was the first movie I ever saw...I thought to myself..."Man I want to sing like her!" This is my fave Barbra song.

4.Phyllis Hyman
Beautiful,great voice, charismatic,intelligent...what else could you want in a vocalist?R.I.P. Phyllis.Like I said...if I could portray anyone in a movie it would be her...this is my fave Phyllis song:

5.Janet Jackson(well old school Janet Jackson)
Old school(late eighties early nineties) Janet J was the business...especially to little Nicole.Wow...I wanted to be just like her...I would memorize all of her dance routines and put on a dance recital for my Mommy...sigh...I miss old JJ.

6.Patti Labelle
She made it okay for girls with big voices to sing loudly...yes...bow down to the vocals!!!

7.Nina Simone
Raw musical expression...I want to reach that sort of intensity...
Even though this is a standard...I think Nina's version is the best.

8.Diana Ross
No she's not the best singer...but her style and ambition is unparalleled.

9.Chaka Kahn
Oh so amazing voice...I've been trying to find the Rufus to my Chaka forever...anyone want to start a funk band?

10.Gladys Knight
You mean she had that awesome voice as a kid too?Not fair.

11.Tina Turner
Do I need an explanation?

12.Sarah Vaughan
I love Ella too..but man..Sarah had the best voice to me, the things she could do with her voice were amazing!I know I could have posted "Perdido" or "Borken Hearted Melody" but..this is my favorite song I've ever heard her sing.
Speak Low
Posted the link because embedding is not allowed on that one...but I love it so much..go listen!

13.Billie Holiday...my mom would kick my butt if I didn't mention her...

I'm not sure if I love Sade or really love Stuart Matthewman's music interpreted by Sade...nevertheless...this was a constant soundtrack to my childhood...

I remember the first time I saw Kelis...I was 16 and I thought..wow! I'm not weird...she reminds me so much of myself! Truly an original.Loved her ever since...makes me so sad that all some people know is Milkshake and Bossy...and for the haters...actually she CAN sing thank you very much.

16.Kate Bush
Speaking of original...such a pretty voice.

17.Tori Amos
I remember in undergrad I had a huge Tori Amos poster in my dorm room and everyone always asked me who she was...you know I think you either love Tori or you don't get it...I happen to love her.

18.Fiona Apple
I just love her...LOVE HER. Changed my world at 14 along with the lady below.

19.Erykah Badu
Man...Baduizm was in constant rotation in 9th grade...I used to try to sound like her...there's a tape of me singing all of her songs from back then somewhere...

20.Annie Lennox
What a voice!!

I have more but I think I'm gonna stop here for now...maybe I'll do a part 2 later.

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shite i gotta say i love ur blog its so different from what im used to !! simply a fan!!